turborama on #storyofdesign — reimagining design and process with emma cogné

The Design Story
4 min readJul 30, 2020

inspired by the 70’s architect and sociologist, yona friedman, on how he imagined spatial cities made up of mobile structures (in which the user-designed his own built environment), emma cogné started her design initiatives with turborama. the cheerful object to add and obtain at home, and its story of how it connects textiles with the barely-seen human values.

from gathering waste in construction sites around brussels city, and endless project observing deadlines, cogné has always wanted to create things with what already exists as a drive to reimagine and reusing materials from immediate surroundings.

however, challenges are still the notion. so, how does turborama challenge the idea of “textile” and its lifecycle? cogné reveals how turborama is involved in enhancing people’s lives as an object, and material making practice.

“turborama it is adapted to user needs, as it is customizable to fit in intermediate, temporary, or permanent areas. made only from ropes and plastic sheath, it is hand-knotted, which allows for variations in rhythms, colors, and density, and can be placed in many different…