designing 2020 from the lens of global experts: these are the things we should prioritize!

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6 min readMar 20, 2020

2020 can be the mark of sustainable development and architecture. having society evolves in environmental-friendly design commitment and trends, hence the use of recyclable materials, self-supplying buildings and installations that respect the planet becomes more frequent.

however, the future is not solely about vision and business plans.

we have witnessed many environmental issues upon our daily lives — one includes those scary times where we find it hard to breathe in fresh air — or when flood strikes due to excessive amounts of plastic waste in public drain system.

there is no perfect vision needed, yet only the action to reflect common goals for creative growth and meaningful impact at this moment of history.

designers today are daunted with two things — one is to project a design that ensure livability, and second is challenges to combat humanity issues.

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can industry devote to enlivening spaces in response to worsening climate change, injustice, and equality? can we shape a livable planet to our future generations?

what do we need to prioritize? and where do we begin?

we may hear many strategies and attempts from global designers as to projecting a particular solution. from creating industrial style in housing architecture to home automation and intelligent housing, none of these offering solutions to truly combat today’s environmental issues.

from the executive director of unicef to fashion designer and philanthropist, these experts have their own thoughts upon what we must prioritize in 2020 to stop worsening existing climate change!

henrietta fore — executive director, unicef

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