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katowice-based architekt maciej franta recently unveil their plan for a contemporary hotel in wisla, poland.

the main idea of the designed facility was to depart from the current design of contemporary hotels in the silesian beskids and to place the facility in the landscape in such a way that, while fulfilling the extensive program, it would not dominate the rescaling of the context of the place and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

for this reason, architekt maciej franta team decided to depart from the form of a concentrated building in one strong block in favor…

architecture by shafa diandra

world-renowned british international architectural design studio, foster and partners, has found a new way of integrating the traditional role of libraries into the contemporary community of the 21st century and the digitally-savvy generation through their latest completed project, house of wisdom.

after over five decades of re-conceptualizing buildings that speak more than function and design but timelessness, house of wisdom was designed with highly amalgamated innovation and technology, as both a library and social hub and learning center at the heart of the third populous city in the united arab emirates, sharjah.

while the initial attempt…

news by the design story

this week, we highlight eight inspiring student designs that reinvent a flexible living environment with unusual furniture design that respects our surroundings. read on!

easily folded shelf

this easily folded shelf was designed to creating a movable and airy shelving system that is easy to assemble in a durable visual design language. “the work is made as a swedish cabinetmakers journeyman’s piece, which has to meet several requirements: a drawer, hinges, veneered surfaces, joints, etcetera.” explained the team.

the fold shelf consists of a cabinet and drawer, allowing you to frame books and decorating objects on the drawer…

news by shafa diandra

with soft, minimal, and sculpturally complex form that you never tought comfortable enough to sit on, read on eight inspiring chair design by global designers that has transformed wood, as an eco-conscious single material, into sensuous shapes of every day’s chair suitable to place to your space.

1. velo chair by jan waterston

velo chair is jan waterston’s chair inspired by modern bicycle and its seamless components wrapped around the user. …

adopting sustainable business today surely benefits you in many ways. as the growing demand for savvy eco-friendly products increases, everyone is now joining the wave.

besides being extremely helpful in saving money, turning your business into a green and eco-friendly one also increases your creativity level as you will meet several handy alternatives and practices you never thought of before, including buying and utilizing items and decors secondhand for the store, refurbishing existing pieces which often cost less than traditional interior design.

but how hard is it to make a sustainable and green business? especially for offline stores. the big…

on tuesday, may 11th, 2021, morphe unveil their latest beauty series inspired by coca cola’s iconic 1971 retro ad. this isn’t the first time the two brands popped up with such unique collaboration, as last year’s black and red bold, nuanced makeup pallette from their thirst for life series successfully make a hit.

if anyone ever says that working with natural materials such as wood and stones would be boring and never succeed in projecting high-end furniture design, these eye-opening pieces of furniture by the world-renowned designer, kelly wearstler, will inspire you to explore more with the material.

chalon coffee table

chalon is the type of coffee table that would fit in any interior design, especially in modern and minimalist ones. the soft wide curved plum legs made the natural oak’s unique qualities elegantly displayed. …

dramatic bathrooms in soft or rough grey, black or monochrome accents are everyone’s favorite now. it is everywhere for some reason, redefining sophistication, intimacy, style, and the fact that the colors are easy to match with other shades.

some hotels, villas, and even homeowners have put their eyes on these dramatic yet dreamy colors and see it as the new kind of trend and the instagramable way to design modern bathrooms. remember this! if one thinks that dark shades are frightening or associated with grief, big no! they are natural and exotic.

read on our summarize of 5 essential guides…

simplicity and minimalism are something our eyes can’t ever get enough of. but these seven lumpy and obscure home decor by global designers is beyond poetic that will attract you in an enigmatic way.

balance lamp by victor castanera

spanish designer victor castanera designed a balance lamp made of flowing glass orbs that can balance steel shelves. at first glance, the lamp might look simple, plain in black and white, yet its obscurity makes it extraordinary.

yasnyi apartment complex is 90.2 meter apartment that has no pronounced style. the design team, moscow-based bureau slovo, rounded the moldings, made the arches black, and chose the most minimalist cornices to portray a vivacious minimalism space for the client.

the design blends in the surrounding wooden scheme with earthy-toned nuance that settled in soft and lively green hues that sparks through the pieces of furniture.

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