8 sculptural chairs entirely made of wood

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5 min readJun 30, 2021

news by shafa diandra

with soft, minimal, and sculpturally complex form that you never tought comfortable enough to sit on, read on eight inspiring chair design by global designers that has transformed wood, as an eco-conscious single material, into sensuous shapes of every day’s chair suitable to place to your space.

1. velo chair by jan waterston

velo chair is jan waterston’s chair inspired by modern bicycle and its seamless components wrapped around the user. the design incorporates a sculptural yet comfortable shape that enhances the relationship between body and object; with each wooden surface being hand-sculpted and constantly changing, a real tactile nature lends itself to the design.

2. balanced chair by ooo my design

inspired by a puzzle game, a balanced chair is a transformation of the game into a wooden and compact lounge chair that can be expanded with an ottoman and a low table.

designed by ooo my design, the seductive design made use of birch plywood, curved and shaped into ergonomic fit for our bodies in many ways, offering a new kind of relaxation, at the same time able for multiple uses with its sculptural, playful form as for every day’s chair.

3. wooden chair by marc newson

originally designed as a commissioned piece for a crafts council of new south wales…

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