8 innovative student designs that promote sustainability and flexibility

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6 min readJun 30, 2021

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this week, we highlight eight inspiring student designs that reinvent a flexible living environment with unusual furniture design that respects our surroundings. read on!

easily folded shelf

this easily folded shelf was designed to creating a movable and airy shelving system that is easy to assemble in a durable visual design language. “the work is made as a swedish cabinetmakers journeyman’s piece, which has to meet several requirements: a drawer, hinges, veneered surfaces, joints, etcetera.” explained the team.

the fold shelf consists of a cabinet and drawer, allowing you to frame books and decorating objects on the drawer for flexible living. all are made of a wooden hinge system with resting shelf tops that can easily be assembled without the required tools.

credits: @rasmus.palmgren @hannahoglund

myco the compostable slippers

myco is a recyclable and fully compostable alternative to conventional slippers made of mushroom mycelium. the design is humble, wrapped in a neutral tone, and is made to be safely returned to the soil by the end of its use.

as mycelium is grown to a high-performance structure and further dried to a hygienic, non-toxic, and lightweight organic foam, myco slipper slowly make us get used to stopping using conventional slippers that are often being given for free in the hospitality sector, such as in the hotel or spas — since they resulting numerous amount of waste from the petroleum-based foam sole and other composition that makes it harder to recycle.

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