8 high-end furniture pieces by kelly wearstler that make use of natural materials

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5 min readJun 4, 2021

if anyone ever says that working with natural materials such as wood and stones would be boring and never succeed in projecting high-end furniture design, these eye-opening pieces of furniture by the world-renowned designer, kelly wearstler, will inspire you to explore more with the material.

chalon coffee table

chalon is the type of coffee table that would fit in any interior design, especially in modern and minimalist ones. the soft wide curved plum legs made the natural oak’s unique qualities elegantly displayed. with hand-carved wood on top and a wire brush finish that properly merged with the wooden texture, chalon portrays a raw yet refined table worth $11,900.

echo bench

at first look, eco-bench might remind you of a traditional bench found in the monolithic era, yet you have to pay $7,995 to bring it home. the undulating forms and sculptural look that resemble a bit of arch on the bottom successfully blur the line between modern art and functional decor. the design is a collaboration of wearstler with local la artisan to work on solid douglas fir and features a heavily hand-sculpted texture.

echo stool

echo stool is part of the echo collection featuring arched that also forms carved from a single monolithic mass of wood. if combined all together in a set with its families, the stool could also resemble a bench. but if you wish to save more cost, you might prefer the echo bench because this sculptural stool costs you $4,500 each.

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