7 poetic home decor items to fit into monochromatic interiors

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5 min readMay 28, 2021

simplicity and minimalism are something our eyes can’t ever get enough of. but these seven lumpy and obscure home decor by global designers is beyond poetic that will attract you in an enigmatic way.

balance lamp by victor castanera

spanish designer victor castanera designed a balance lamp made of flowing glass orbs that can balance steel shelves. at first glance, the lamp might look simple, plain in black and white, yet its obscurity makes it extraordinary.

these different spherical components are sized to make the perfect balance when placed together. the balance lamp was created for an emerging swedish brand, oblure, specializing in lighting products and collaborated with world-renowned designers.

credits: victor castanera

cloud lamp by calen knauf

this cloud-like lamp is a very mindful lighting solution designed by canadian designer, calen knauf, who is keen on exploring lighting with unusual shapes. named “the overcast light,” the lamp features a cylindrical aluminum base and a shade made from a transparent blended paper pulp that allows light to shine through it.

one thing about the cloud lamp is that it does not have a switch for dimming. hence to change the lights, we have to pull the leather tab up or down along the side of the cylindrical base, moving the light source closer or further away from the shade.

credits: calen knauf

ceramic lamp by elisa uberti

in french, local designer elisa uberti introduces an unusual lamp that took the form of an ancestral microcosm entirely made of white stone, her most favored material to…

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