7 most basic guides to design green retail store

The Design Story
4 min readJun 16, 2021

adopting sustainable business today surely benefits you in many ways. as the growing demand for savvy eco-friendly products increases, everyone is now joining the wave.

besides being extremely helpful in saving money, turning your business into a green and eco-friendly one also increases your creativity level as you will meet several handy alternatives and practices you never thought of before, including buying and utilizing items and decors secondhand for the store, refurbishing existing pieces which often cost less than traditional interior design.

but how hard is it to make a sustainable and green business? especially for offline stores. the big question is; do we need to hire a sustainable interior designer to immediately merge greeneries, trees, or bring the outdoor in, or simply develop the mindset of “going green” from the internal organization first?

making an eco-friendly business environment is possible in the simplest way on any budget. as we have discussed, several brands and companies have turned their store and business into green ones; there are just many varieties of ways you can inject sustainability into the business.

using a leed certification is an excellent beginning, but ensuring all the employees are with you and have the same vision is severely more essential to…