5 essential guide to design dramatic bathrooms in dark shades

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4 min readJun 2, 2021

dramatic bathrooms in soft or rough grey, black or monochrome accents are everyone’s favorite now. it is everywhere for some reason, redefining sophistication, intimacy, style, and the fact that the colors are easy to match with other shades.

some hotels, villas, and even homeowners have put their eyes on these dramatic yet dreamy colors and see it as the new kind of trend and the instagramable way to design modern bathrooms. remember this! if one thinks that dark shades are frightening or associated with grief, big no! they are natural and exotic.

read on our summarize of 5 essential guides to designing a dreamy bathroom in dramatic dark shades for you to spend one contemplative bathing duty at all times. how to make them timelessly elegant instead of mourning!

1. mix and match with a series of smart dark bathroom tiles

choosing the right tiles is on the first mandatory list you have to consider. with a mix of textures and finishes on the wall, floors, you can begin to imagine capturing yourself being in a glamorous bathroom where you can be the only star in the room.

2. add natural elements to the bathroom: stone and wood is the key!

what would be best to fit in a dramatic bathroom always goes to stone and wood. yes! stone tiles always make the bathroom lively, beautiful while water-resistant and have good durability too. while some wooden accents, such as in the decorations, cabinets, or sink, will give the extra character that balances the essence of the “drama” in the room.

3. add biophilic accents while playing half and half with black and white

the interplay of black and white is everyone’s favorite, even for bathroom ambiance. if you find an all-dark bathroom shade is…

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